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Our Mission

The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) is a not-for-profit, faith-based national collaboration of scholar practitioners, creating and delivering online and onsite training for public safety personnel to improve individual effectiveness, increase interagency efficiencies and promote the professional recognition of our career field. TAPSTI provides a national learning community of forward-thinking professionals and problem solvers.


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The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) is a national training clearinghouse which lists web-based training and hybrid-based training services for the men and women of America's public safety fields. We are an all-volunteer training organization with our purpose being to utilize instructor-led, e-learning, and m-learning technologies to educate public safety personnel and the public about today's complex public safety world.

TAPSTI funding comes from donations. We receive no government funding. We do not use a professional fund raiser so 100% of our income is used for training and for tuition support for educators and staff. TAPSTI is a national organization of volunteers working together to create training across the various fields of Public Safety.

We believe it is time for a new model for Public Safety and we call this new model "Peacekeeper Justice". This new version of American Justice clarifies needs required in a 21st century democracy given the history of the United States and what our culture is. We call for an improved, scientific, intellectual form of Public Safety that identifies law enforcement, the courts, corrections, probation, parole, as well as counseling, fire services, and emergency management as collaborators and integrated components of a new concept of Public safety which requires cross-training in each other's disciplines. We believe the threats to our national security are so great both from within and outside our borders that all components of Public Safety are involved in peacekeeping efforts here at home and that we can best ensure national security through a collaborative Public Safety force which emphasizes peacekeeping here in our own homeland.

You can learn valuable skills through TAPSTI's blend of our self-paced eCampus, mCampus, radio shows, videos, webinars, and ground-based training created and delivered by our in-house volunteers from throughout the nation who have experience in their fields. By providing convenient and accessible training verified through proctors and examination TAPSTI allows for cross-training of personnel so professionals can learn from each other.


We are Looking For Good Interns for 2016! provides research, analysis and training to public safety college students, public safety personnel, and the public at large. In 2016 has expanded into web-based training delivery, Officer Wellness, and victimology services. We plan to increase public awareness, Officer expectation levels, and the current public safety paradigm through national outreach. We accept applications for internships to supplement our staff on a rolling basis. Internships are open to highly-qualified undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates.

Responsibilities for interns include research and analysis. We provide you with the template learning materials used for courseware and ask you to help us prepare lesson introductions, exam questions and answers, PowerPoint's, and summaries. Your greatest asset is your ability to write well. Successful internship candidates should expect rewarding work helping to train others, working at your own pace, and working from the convenience of your own Internet connection. A good familiarity with computers and the internet is a necessity because everything we do with our interns is digital.

We offer only remote internship. Internships are open to US citizens/residents or individuals authorized to work in the United States. does not serve as a sponsor for internship work authorization.

Internships are unpaid. cannot offer financial compensation to interns, but does offer a positive public safety work culture. Hours are extremely flexible as interns work according to their own schedule. All we ask is they complete work assignments on time so we can program the lessons involved according to our development schedule.

If you are interested in applying for an intern position at please email and include a copy of your current resume with contact information.


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