5/11/17  11:00 AM EST – The Art of Inmate Manipulation

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This episode is from TAPSTI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit promoting Peacekeeping Justice – an intelligent alternative where Public Safety personnel operate as a highly trained and motivated Peacekeeping force and are thus respected, appreciated and supported here in the homeland. You can find all our podcasts at www.bluelineradio.org, and our news magazine at www.blueline.news. We are 100% volunteer and always appreciate donations at the www.tapsti.org main webpage.

This episode examines what manipulation is, verbal deception, situational deception, components of manipulation, game playing, suicide and manipulation. Reference materials include “The Art of the Con” by Gary Cornelius as well as research material which will be referenced. We welcome call-in guests! Any call-in guests are advised this broadcast is being recorded and portions thereof may be converted for use in training and/or other uses without remuneration to any participants.

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