Is TAPSTI funded by any government agency?

No. TAPSTI is a 501(c)3 funded only by donations. The donations pay for equipment, software, supplies, postage, information systems support, website hosting fees, commercial work for videos, and podcast/radio/webinar production costs. All training is created by passionate volunteers.

What is TAPSTI?

We are volunteers with years of service in our areas of specialty who have built a training institute to help bridge some of the misunderstandings and lack of knowledge between different public safety career fields. We also have college students who intern with us to help create and fine-tune training products for the field.

What is this about “Peacekeeper Justice”?

We believe it is time for a new paradigm to help the criminal justice system more effectively. We call it “Peacekeeper Justice” because new threats to our internal security require we explore and operationalize advanced management techniques for accepting our cultural diversity, our techno-social challenges, and the increased threat of crime to our national security. We believe it is time to do away with rigid and inflexible practices that may have worked in the past, but only serve to impede our ability to treat our citizens and our peacekeepers in the present. We believe in an integrated and aggressive enforcement, judicial, correctional, emergency management, counseling and first responder system that is collaborative, fair, efficient, and prioritizes long-term domestic peacekeeping as its goal. We believe we have the best public safety personnel and system in the world but we need to dramatically improve the use of integrated best practices. We believe everyone legally within our borders has the right to be a free American and free to use their pro-social beliefs to do great things. We believe it is our moral responsibility to prevent the victimization of our people by responsibly and professionally administering Peacekeeper Justice at all levels of society such that people become educated, trained, responsible, and law-abiding members of our nation of laws so we can sustain our Republic.

What is the cost per contact hour?

Most courses are provided for a donation of only $15.00 so each hour costs you approximately $1.88. We supply you with a receipt with each donation for your tax purposes.

What are the courses like?

Each course is anticipated to take you 8 hours. You complete a pre-test, read an overall introduction for the course, read an introduction to your first “Section”, watch whatever videos are supplied and read the listed study material (pdf), and then read the conclusion to that Section. Then you move to Section 2 and do the same. Each Section reinforces an “Enabling Objective” (EO) that supports the overall  “Terminal Performance Objective” which is what you need to learn about to improve your competency in that area. At the end of Section 2 you take a quiz over the first half of the material. When you pass that quiz with a score of 80% or better you automatically move to Section 3, then Section 4, and then the Summary for the entire course. We are organized this way because this is how the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) format usually works and we want your training to be recognized by your department/agency. After you read that Summary you complete a Comprehensive Quiz and completion of that Quiz with a score of 80% or better is what earns you the course credit.

This is what we mean when we say our courses are “college-style” for adult learners. We do not use a template that merely has you clicking through a series of slides. Likewise, we don’t create 50 videos for you to sit through that regurgitate research someone else has already done and that you can read in original form as study material. We want you to read the introductions, study quality material either online or printed on your local printer, and then come back to the training after you have had a chance to digest what you have read (Section 1). Then we introduce you to another EO in Section 2 and you repeat the process and read through different parts of the same study text or a different text, then completing a quiz this time to check your retention to this point. You do the same in the second half. Rather than just “clicking” by yourself we want you to be involved in a group discussion so every course is linked to a student group. Discussion participation is not mandatory to pass any of the courses but there as a tool. This builds community, doesn’t lock your time down, and provides training you can access on a PC, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.

How are the Certificate programs organized?

The Certificates include ten (10) courses set up as explained above. At the culmination of the ten courses you are mailed a serial-numbered and framable Certificate. When you enroll in a Certificate program there is a $75 administrative donation we charge. This donation from you helps cover our costs to create your Professional Development Plan (PDP) which lists your courses, email that to you, assign a Mentor, track your progress, and print/send you your Certificate. We also send a Press Release to a newspaper in your area about you completing the Certificate program.

Whose responsibility is it to track my progress through a certificate program?

It is your responsibility to track your progress. You can start/stop our courses at any time within the course and we keep track for you where your progress is there. It is your job to sign up for another course and ensure it is the one you need. If you are in the Certificate Program we will be monitoring your progress and, if we see you chose a course that does not complete the program, we will try to contact you (either phone or email or both) to make sure you picked what you really wanted. If you chose the wrong course we will terminate you from that course and sign you up in the correct course. Always email with any course questions or requests.

What is the passing score and what happens if I don’t pass?

With some online learning you get to print all the reference material and the test ahead of time, figure out the answers, take the online test, get 75%, and then get credit. That does not meet our definition of training and that will not justify most departments giving you training credits toward your required in-service. As a result, we segment the training, test using material from the videos as well as the written materials, pre-test and post-test, test in the middle of the training, and we don’t let you see in advance what the questions are. In fact, in many cases, the questions are from question pools so there may be 50 questions in the pool but a quiz of only 25 questions. Those questions are randomized and the answers are randomized within them as well which means you may never see the exact same quiz twice! We also require an 80% passing score. That, we believe, makes for a much more credible online training experience.

Therefore, if you do not pass a quiz/test the first time you are welcome to take the quiz again, and again, and again until you pass it. That is a great deal for only a $15 donation.

My partner and I both want to take the same course. Can we take it together?

Yes, however, you each have to donate for your own course and complete your own online testing. Bear in mind that questions are pooled and randomized so no one should get the same exact quiz. You are free to study together or in groups and to read through the material collaboratively because that only serves to upgrade the learning experience. However, there is a huge ethics difference between studying together to enhance each other’s understanding and copying each other’s work. You are solely responsible for the work you do and the training you are given credit for completing.

Why do I have to provide either my POST Certification number or my License number to you?

We may be required to authenticate the fact we checked to ensure you are either POST-certified, Licensed, or none of those. You do not have to be certified or licensed to complete individual courses or certificates. However you DO have to be POST-certified or Licensed in order to be TAPSTI-Certified. As a result, we request your credentials on the front end to ensure we have the data we need throughout your training and for all your reports rather than having to try and change something while you are in the process.

How current is the information in your courses?

On the first page of each course you can read when the course was first created and when it was last updated. All our courses are updated – at a maximum – every 3 years, usually every 2 years.

I purchased a course and then discovered I already took it. What can I do?

If you begin the course and/or complete any material in it then consider it a refresher. If you realize your error and you have not started the course simply email the Registrar at and we will exchange it for another course. Just include the code and name of the course you would prefer and we will enroll you in the correct course.

I can’t get back into the website to take my course or my test. What can I do? 

Your username and/or password are not matching the account information you started the course under. Please try using the password retrieval system. Otherwise send an email to stating you cannot access your account and we will expedite you being able to get in.

If I am audited can you verify my training I have completed with TAPSTI?

Yes! You can always pull your training transcripts from the website. If you wait until the last minute to complete training you may think you have completed training but your transcripts will not show the training completed unless you have marked each Section complete AND completed the final examination with a score of 80% or more. There is a $10 donation fee assessed for generating, signing, notarizing, and emailing you an official scan (pdf) of your transcripts and we can usually accomplish that within 24 hours.

Can someone else pay for my courses with their credit card?

Yes. You need to register on the website with your own name, address, etc. On the banking page where it asks for the billing information you will need to put in the name, address, and credit card information for the person who actually owns the card. It is very important the billing address you input is the same as the billing address for the card.

My credit card was declined but I know there was money available.

The most common reason for this is because the address you input does not match the address on the credit card’s billing. Once the card is declined for two attempts the banking system will continue to decline the transaction even if you put the correct information in. This is not from our end but is meant by the bank to protect the cardholder. If you wait for one hour and try again you may be successful. If that does not work try using another computer because a “cookie” from the bank recording the errors may be in the computer you began with.

I need to change my name but the system won’t let me change my name.

We lock name fields for security purposes. Please contact the Registrar at for name changes. While we can change your name we cannot change your username because the databased records of all your training is under that username.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we can give you a refund. However, once you have started or completed a course we can no longer offer a refund. Email for refunds.

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