The TAPSTI Library System
Welcome to the TAPSTI Library System. This page is devoted to the dissemination of abstracts, credible information, and local studies. The purpose is to inform and streamline the study and research process. This library ties into other mechanisms for search and retrieval of information including other digital collections, open access sources, deep web research and techniques, and the TAPSTI Knowledge Base Project.

Main Library

  • The Opening of Science and Scholarship – TAPSTI attempts, as a non-profit, to use digital, online, free of charge, and free of unnecessary copyright and licensing restrictions material. Please read the Peter Suber (2004) article here for a brief overview.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware – This is an amazing web-based portal of MIT course content. OCW is open, available, and a permanent activity of this very leading university. See more here.
  • Google Scholar – easy way to find college-level articles for research at here.
  • Internet Archive – everything from podcasts to videos to free books here.
  • Open Library – books to read for free, to borrow, etc. here.
  • NCJRS National Criminal Justice Reference Service – Just about everything for the criminal justice professional here.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports – Many reports from different federal agencies here.

TAPSTI is involved with numerous 501(c)3 organizations that have their own mandates. Our role is to help people, regardless of ability or status, to augment their marketable skills by providing training opportunities that prospective employers will find valuable. Regardless of circumstances, TAPSTI tries to help people find a balanced approach to skill development that meets their needs and requirements. TAPSTI is also involved in directed research on new techniques related to public safety knowledge emergence and its interaction with applied technology in training.

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