Membership in the Institute

Good things happen with TAPSTI membership and in working with TAPSTI. At the core of our culture is a passion for the transmission of knowledge, training creation and the pursuit of innovation within the training field. Membership in TAPSTI shows others you are serious about your service to the community, your professional development, and research within your career field. It highlights to employers, colleagues, and the public a dedication to the pursuit of training. TAPSTI members benefit by access to valuable state and national resources that help improve your ability to demonstrate professional excellence with a career field specialization. Working collaboratively with a network of peers spanning a wide variety of career fields TAPSTI membership will help transform the outcomes, reach, and effectiveness of your professional reach.


Keeping professionally proficient – Making time to remain proficient in this age where innovation is happening all around you is critical to your career survival – and possibly to your own personal survival as well.
Professional Networking – Strengthening relationships across the country, raising your profile, accessing distant opportunities, and learning about new trends in public safety is much more effective when you have a good network. TAPSTI members communicate through groups, forums, social media and other synchronous and asynchronous methods.
Continuing Education – Continuing education contributes to better promotion opportunities, higher wages, increased effectiveness, and your overall improved career satisfaction.

Volunteer Opportunities – Contributing to volunteer projects provides opportunities to solve common problems, improve relationships, connect to others, and help to transform both our own lives and those around us. Your participation in TAPSTI helps you contribute to the public safety community for a lasting positive impact.
Career Resources and Recognition – Recognition for contributions to training practices requires due diligence. TAPSTI members get access to tools and techniques that contribute to successful preparation of future training materials.
Collaborative Programs – TAPSTI members develop opportunities to collaborate with others around the country.

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