TAPSTI provides dozens of free, and hundreds of very affordable membership-based, distance-learning courses nationally to uniformed and non-uniformed personnel supporting the Public Safety mission throughout the United States. We are passionate and committed to bringing essential and practical knowledge to all citizens who are either studying toward or work toward ensuring the safety of this nation.

We Generate Advanced Training for America’s Public Safety Personnel

The evolving domestic and international threats against the United States affect us at every level of our social organization. From major metropolitan areas to the smallest towns in America there are people working in the police, fire, corrections, emergency management, and other uniformed services. There are also heroes among us in non-uniformed positions working in substance abuse counseling, domestic violence counseling, child abuse, mental health, emergency medicine, and other jobs. We work to bridge these professions and to share knowledge and understanding from the Domestic Violence counselor to that Police Officer who will be the First Responder. We work to bridge that knowledge gap from the Substance Abuse Counselor to the Reentry Specialist.


We also work to bring private security personnel free of criminal history into the public safety family. In 2004 a federal report named, “Guarding America: Security Guards and U.S. Critical Infrastructure Protection” found private security training overall woefully inadequate for us to feel confident the one million security guards in this country could be counted on to be “Critical Infrastructure Guards” in the event they were needed. National security directives call for upgraded training of state-certified security personnel to support public safety personnel in the event of state or national emergencies. Also, many security personnel hope to obtain employment as public safety personnel.

As a result, TAPSTI is designed to:

  • Provide web-based cutting-edge online training in 84 different areas and skill levels!
  • Provide the first national-level Certifications for people in counseling, enforcement, corrections, probation and security which promote a true collaboration of all these personnel into an effective public safety team! There are currently 13 different Certifications available. 
  • Facilitate increasing applicant flow from upscale private security positions and into police, sheriff and correctional departments through knowledge-based skill set development!
  • Promote better cross-knowledge building between non-security and security professionals!
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