PS School LogoEssential for our national defense is the integration of Security Officers in their growth into Protective Services personnel.  Today’s threats require Security personnel become active in the public safety community. TAPSTI extends training to all qualified security personnel so they can prepare for POST-mandated positions as well as improving their service to their communities. Click here for all courses being offered.

  • Certificate in Basic Protective Security Operations Studies: CERT-PSBO
  • Certificate in Biometrics and Access Control Studies: CERT-PSBA
  • Certificate in Bomb Threats and HAZMAT Studies: CERT-PSBT
  • Certificate in Communications Studies: CERT-PSCO
  • Certificate in CPTED Studies: CERT-PSCE
  • Certificate in Hospital Security Studies: CERT-PSHS
  • Certificate in Security Management Studies: CERT-PSSM
  • Certificate in Transportation Security Studies: CERT-PSTS
  • Certificate in Aviation Security Studies: CERT-PSAS
  • Certificate in Workplace Violence Studies: CERT-PSWV


Important Notice: Membership required.

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