Board of Directors (alphabetical order):

Michael L. Brandon M.A. – Subject Matter Expert on Homeland Security

Michael Brandon has earned his Associate  in Applied Science in Law Enforcement Technology, Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences – Criminal Justice, Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and is a PhD student with a specialization in Public Policy and Administration. Michael has taught college courses in Terrorism, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Law Enforcement Operations, Ethics and Community Relations, Juvenile Law and Delinquency,  Critical Incident Management, Introduction to Loss Prevention, Threat Assessment, and a host of others. Michael currently serves as a POST-certified Instructor and police Lieutenant and has over 27 years of law enforcement experience. He is a member of the International Association of Emergency Managers, the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, the Association of Special Operations Professionals, and other key organizations throughout the country.

Lieutenant (ret) William Charles, M.Sc. – Subject Matter Expert on Law Enforcement

William “Bill” Charles is a P.O.S.T. certified Law Enforcement Officer and was the senior ranking lieutenant  on a force of roughly 3,000 officers. He started in law enforcement in 1985 after earning a certificate in Law Enforcement Administration and then continued through the ranks working specialized teams, the motorcycle unit, and various other assignments through to Watch Commander. Bill has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. Since retiring from the police department he teaches college classes both onsite and online in a variety of law enforcement subjects and consults on security and law enforcement issues.

Chief (ret) Don Ford – Subject Matter Expert on Security Threat Groups, School Safety Planning, Law Enforcement

Don Ford is a P.O.S.T.-certified Public Safety Trainer who began policing in 1975 after honorably serving six years in the Marine Corps. He has filled the roles of Correctional Officer, Correctional Sergeant, Correctional Lieutenant,  and Public Safety Training Instructor within standard, mental health, and special management units of the prison environment. He served as the State Encrypted Gang Writing point of contact between his state and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He coordinated and supervised training of Tactical Squads and Correctional Emergency Response Teams.  Graduating with a degree in Psychology he also applied himself as Team Chief of a High Angle/White Water Rescue team, an instructor for High Angle Rescue and in specialized training such as man tracking and ground/air search and rescue.  Don has also pursued career interests outside of the prison environment where he has worked in policing roles from the position of patrolman through to the rank of Police Chief and served at the State Emergency Operations Center during the 1996 Olympics. His trainer certifications are too numerous to mention here but a few include: Firearms Instructor, Emergency Medicine Instructor, Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor, Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor, Emergency Response Instructor, Tactical Munitions Instructor, Man Tracking Instructor, among many others.

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