Interns who have completed their Project Blocks (in alpha order):
Carly Baxa – Senior Course Developer

Carly is a senior at Northern Illinois University, getting a B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis in International Politics and a B.A. in Economics. She hopes to work with non-profits in the future focusing on international relations and trade. Her passion for international politics and statistical analysis has helped her gain an intellectualized and global perspective on law and crime. She believes that helping this world starts by innovation within the current governmental system. She believes by doing so we can help make resources and education – and the progress humanity can create -more accessible for everyone.  During her time with TAPSTI, she has worked on a wide-range of areas focusing on international crime, organized crime, and drug courts. She has been an incredibly productive member of the team and is making a very positive difference in public safety training.  We celebrate her results in being a Senior Course Development Intern for the following lessons:

  • LEIP-27 Organized Crime in Russia
  • LEIP-44 Transnational Organized Crime
  • GMMG-19 Organizational Culture and Environmental Influences
  • PPCO-31 Economics of Sentencing
  • PPCO-71 Politicization of the US Court System
  • GMMG-08 Cohesion Burnout and Trauma
  • GMMG-01 Managing Police Misconduct
  • DTSR-48 Organic Brain Change & Illegal Drug Use
  • COJJ-21 Drug Courts and Communities
  • PPCO-68 Program Evaluation for Drug Courts

Alissa Brooks – Senior Course Developer

Alissa is entering her Senior year at SUNY Oswego while working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Alissa loves to work with kids and in her future hopes to counsel children or work in the mental health field. Alissa helped in developing courses focused on juvenile justice in order to help give juveniles more of a voice in our society and due to her passion for working with kids. Alissa is determined to work in a field where kids feel they are important.  We celebrate her results in being a Senior Course Development Intern for the following lessons:

  • COJJ-01 Juvenile Justice
  • COJJ-02 Three Theories of Delinquency
  • COJJ-03 Multilevel Analysis of Juvenile Court Process
  • COJJ-04 Age and Criminal Responsibility
  • COJJ-05 AOD and Mental Health in Juveniles
  • COJJ-06 Assessing the Mental Health Status of Juveniles
  • COJJ-07 Restorative Justice for Juveniles
  • COJJ-08 Delinquency Programs
  • COJJ-09 Juvenile Risk Factors for Gang Membership
  • COJJ-10 Childhood Victimization and Delinquency
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