Athena Jones – Senior Course Developer

Athena Jones is entering her Junior year at the University of La Verne and is on track to graduate early with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Athena hopes to use her degree to become an advocate for mental health and encourage everyone to seek the help they need. The lesson plans she worked on have inspired her to push for mental healthcare reform and expansion with increased awareness to its prevalence within our society. She hopes to bring mental health advocacy to her school in order to create a support system for her fellow students. Athena’s career goal is to create a positive influence on the lives of military service members by working with them and their family members in order to thank them for all of the work that they do for our country. She hopes to develop new intake screening methods as well as developing innovative treatments for PTSD. To support this, Athena was singularly responsible for the research and writing for the first certificate program specifically for military DV and offered here by TAPSTI. She backs up that research and her writing by volunteering at her local Veterans Assistance hospital.  Athena is passionate and excited for beginning the journey toward her career and we all are proud of her excellent work with the following lesson plans:

  • GMBW-02 Evaluating the Effects of Fatigue on Public Safety Personnel
  • MHCS-09 Military DV Intervention – Basic Level
  • MHCS-10 Military DV Intervention – Intermediate Level
  • MHCS-11 Military DV Intervention – Advanced Level
  • MHCS-12 Military DV Intervention – Specialist Level
  • MHCS-13 Military DV Intervention – Expert Level
  • MHCA-28 Child Victims and Responding Restoratively
  • MHGE-14 Culture and Psychotherapy
  • DTSR-57 Drugs and Sexual Assault Survivor Profiles
  • DTSR-56 Pharmacotherapy and Substance Abuse

Nicholas Pappas – Senior Course Developer

Nick has distinguished himself both as an Intern with TAPSTI as well as with Pennsylvania State University. As a student in Criminal Justice with a Psychology minor, Nick has served as a Student Government Senator while placing first in the Arts, Humanities, Business and Social and Behavioral Sciences category of the Annual Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium where seven Pennsylvania commonwealth campuses combined to showcase student talent. Nick is credited with a unique research area investigating incarceration efficiencies and racial impacts. As a result of his scholarly contributions, Nick was awarded the Alexandra Downing Outstanding Student in Sociology Award. Nick is a “charger” who is looking for an organization where his potential to make a positive difference in enforcement can provide him with a position for strong growth. We celebrate Nick’s outstanding accomplishments with the following lessons:

  • MHVS-03 Assassinations in the U.S.
  • MHVS-16 Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior
  • MHVS-20 Perspectives on Evil and Violence
  • DTSR-02 Psychopathology in a Women’s Prison
  • DTDR-02 Drug Treatment in the Criminal Justice System
  • COJJ-11 Juvenile Codes of the Street
  • COJJ-13 Conduct Problems in Young Children
  • COJJ-14 Juvenile Interventions and Their Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • COJJ-15 Developmental Pathways in Delinquency
  • COJJ-16 Discretion in Juvenile Sentencing
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