Alicia Yee – Senior Course Developer

Alicia is a human biology major at the University of California San Diego. Recently she has focused on learning about the outside socioeconomic effects that race, social class, and age has on the public’s health. Many of her public health courses have evidenced health care disparities and biases caused by varying socioeconomic statuses among different regions and classes of people. In the future she hopes to take all she has learned and be able to apply it toward making a positive change in society to reduce social disparities affecting our communities. More specifically, she wants to go into the public safety and prevention fields where she will utilize her newfound knowledge on substance abuse to increase prevention efforts and public awareness.  We salute her results as an outstanding member of the team and celebrate her achievements in being a Senior Course Development Intern for the following lessons:

  • CODF-01 Child Welfare Cases with Substance Abuse Factors
  • CODF-02 Children Endangered by Methamphetamine
  • CODF-03 Drug Endangered Children
  • PPDC-10 Problem-Solving Courts
  • PPDC-11 Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • DTSR-35 Date Rape Drugs Overview
  • PPDC-13 Drug Treatment and Criminals
  • PPCO-36 Interventions in Drug Courts
  • CODF-07b The Origins of Addiction
  • DTSR-14 Communities and Methamphetamine Labs
  • DTDR-11 Family Relations, Juveniles, and Drugs


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