Who We Are

The American Public Safety Training Institute is a national, volunteer-driven, non-profit, professional organization organized to develop and promote tactically and clinically effective, and empirically based resources and responses to criminal justice issues. We are citizens, treatment professionals, police, corrections, probation, and parole personnel as well as students and researchers all collaborating to bring about a peacekeeping methodology to public safety which increases the quality of life in America. We believe, through collaborative TAPSTI training development and delivery, we can improve the results of uniformed and non-uniformed personnel supporting the Public Safety mission throughout the United States. We are passionate and committed to bringing essential and practical knowledge to all citizens who are either studying toward or work toward ensuring the safety of this nation.

We believe in Peacekeeping Justice – the realization that the 21st century requires an aggressive security infrastructure to promote national resilience. There are simply too many opportunities for self-destructive and socially destructive behaviors which can undermine domestic peace. We are pioneers in bridging the gap between security and non-security staff for effective Public Safety service where instrumenting processes to create and maintain peace throughout our diverse culture helps lead us to a sustainable society. Although we are primarily a professionally oriented organization, we welcome both professional and lay members. Please check the different categories of membership. 

What We Do

The evolving domestic and international threats against the United States affect us at every level of our social organization. From major metropolitan areas to the smallest towns in America there are people working in the police, fire, corrections, emergency management, and other uniformed services to keep peace in our communities. There are also heroes among us in non-uniformed positions working in substance abuse counseling, domestic violence counseling, child abuse, mental health, emergency medicine, and so on. Training is, therefore, one of our primary goals. We work to achieve that goal partly through training programs as well as delivery of content through podcasts, webinars, and the Justice Digest – a newsletter of justice issues and links for our members. We work to bridge the professions we serve to share knowledge and understanding to bridge knowledge gaps between them.

As a result, TAPSTI is designed to:

  • Provide web-based, cutting-edge online training in a college-style self-study format in over 90 different Certificates and skill levels.
  • Provide the first national-level Certifications for people in counseling, enforcement, corrections, probation and security which promote a true collaboration of all these personnel handshaking across state borders into an effective public safety team. There are currently 13 different Certifications either available or in development. 
  • Promote better cross-knowledge building between non-security and security professionals. We bring together people who are interested in online training, training development, research, and virtual collaboration.
  • Continue our expertise being recognized through engagements and consultation with government agencies, other non-profits, and for-profit organizations.

We Operate with Controlled Training Access

Free training is available to anyone who signs up for our mailing list and we also send information on other free public safety training we find that is available. TAPSTI Certificate and Certification Training is available to a wide, but controlled, audience. We check for sworn status and for criminal history due to Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) restrictions on authorized training for sworn/uniformed personnel. As a result, some courses are restricted from non-POST certified personnel. All courses may be taught in a traditional classroom setting following POST requirements for mandated training. Control is achieved through an annual registration process verified through employers. The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, national collaboration of scholar practitioners, creating and delivering online and onsite training for Public Safety personnel to improve individual effectiveness, increase interagency efficiencies and promote the professional recognition of our career field. TAPSTI is the nationally recognized leader specializing in leading edge Public Safety collaborative training bridging the understanding gap between security and non-security staff serving the American public. Our emphasis is on specialized training as it pertains to creating a safer nation through recognizing each member of the public safety profession as vital to peacekeeping in the United States. We help ensure compliance across the public safety spectrum with local, state, and national services from both uniformed and non-uniformed professionals dedicated to being America’s peacekeepers. We offer our clients cost effective, innovative training tools that meet their agency and corporate objectives and are not commonly available elsewhere.

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